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Conversation On Air Pollution In Nepal and South Asia

9 out of 10 most polluted cities in the world are in the South Asian region…

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Introduction to Atmospheric Issues in the Region

Arnico Panday, Atmosphere Initiative programme coordinator, ICIMOD, …

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Arnico K Panday for the SUSTAINABLE SUMMITS


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Impacts of air pollutants on visibility, tourism, and aviation

Arnico Panday, ICIMOD Atmosphere Initiative programme coordinator, and Kunda Dixit…

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The Equity Imperative Day 3: Climate Justice for an Inclusive Economy

United Nations Development Programme, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth…

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Quantifying quality

Senior atmospheric scientist at ICIMOD, Arnico Panday talks about air pollution in Nepal and figuring out what to do with air quality data from monitoring….

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