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I have always believed in dreaming what should be and what could be, and then working to create a plan to get there. I have been fortunate to have had opportunities to set up new atmospheric measurement networks and collaboration frameworks, to build up new programs, and to guide the growth of institutions.

Relevant Experiences

  • Between 2008 and 2013 I served on the International Advisory Board Member for Patan Academy of Health Sciences, helping establish the vision and mission, the policies, the curriculum, and the admissions procedures of a new rural-service-oriented medical school in Nepal.

  • At ICIMOD I led the establishment of the Atmosphere Initiative in January 2013, and the Atmosphere Regional Programme in 2018. Both were set up to address atmospheric issues in the Hindukush Himalaya by increasing scientific understanding and capacity as well as influencing policy and actions. I was able to establish data-driven approaches to air pollution policy in Bhutan and Nepal by motivating the establishment of air pollution public information systems driven by monitoring networks run by the Government of Nepal’s Department of Environment and Bhutan’s National Environment Commission. Serving on ICIMOD’s construction committee, I also actively participated in design decisions for the centre’s annex office building.
Photo by Arnico Panday
  • As an the advisory board of Nepal Economic Forum since 2014, I have been able to guide and oversee its gradual growth from a handful of individuals to a growing institution with multiple centers that transcend the individual person and activity.
  • Serving on the Steering Committee of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition from 2015-20, I provided strategic inputs on global coalition’s future directions: I co-authored a decade-scale visioning document, provided regular inputs on budget, budget allocation, fund raising, decision making structures as well as themes and agenda of global meetings. I also hosted a critical strategy meeting of the Steering Committee in Nepal in 2018, ensuring sufficient informal brainstorming opportunities by taking delegates on hikes.
  • As a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS), since February 2021, I am guiding the establishment of its Center for Sustainability. I have been supporting the hiring and supervision of interns and staff for the center, as well as seeking funding and building external partnerships with relevant institutions.
  • As the CEO of Ullens Education Foundation from February 2020 to January 2022, I was responsible for the maintenance of excellence at existing institutions run by the Foundation (Kindergarten, School, International Baccalaureate Degree Program, Outdoor Learning Center) through a challenging period dominated by Covid uncertainties and lockdowns. I established an expert advisory task force, led contingency planning exercises, oversaw the establishment and enforcement of protocols, and ensured that key decisions were based on both latest scientific knowledge and an internal consensus building process. As CEO I was also responsible for preparing the Foundation for growth. I oversaw the hiring of key leaders and the introduction of new HR and finance policies. I also laid the groundwork for the establishment of a gap year program, a teacher training center, and several external partnerships.
Photo credit: KU School of Education
Photo by Anoushka Pandey
  • As the team leader for the planning of the foundation’s new College of Liberal Arts, Science, and Technology I manage the internal team, external advisors, and partnerships needed to establish an innovative curriculum taught on a campus that will one day win awards for sustainable design. I relish the opportunity to work with experts from around the world to co-create a brand new institution from scratch that will both meet Nepal’s needs and serve the broader world.

Relevant Publications

Relevant Seminars / Lectures / Talks

  • Soka University of America, Invited Seminar. Aliso Viejo, CA, USA, 2 December 2021. “Towards a College of Liberal Arts, Science & Technology in Nala, Kavre, Nepal”

  • Harvard University Nepali Students’ Association, Invited Seminar. Cambridge MA, USA, 28 November 2021. “Towards a College of Liberal Arts, Science & Technology in Nala, Kavre, Nepal”

  • Ullens Education Foundation, Presentation to the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, Lalitpur, Nepal, 8 July 2021, “Towards a Liberal Arts College in Nala”

  • Ullens Education Foundation, Opening presentation at brainstorming workshop, Lalitpur, Nepal, 28 May 2019. “Towards a college in Nala”

  • Yangon City Development Committee, Invited Seminar, Yangon, Myanmar, 1 June 2018. ”ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Programme & Potential Collaborations in Myanmar”

  • Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) Bangkok Office, Brownbag Seminar. Bangkok, Thailand, 22 January 2018. “The Atmosphere Programme at ICIMOD: The first 5 years and the plan ahead”

  • Government of Nepal, Department of Environment, Invited Presentation, Lalitpur, Nepal, 23 September 2015. “Designing Nepal’s Air Pollution Monitoring Network”

  • Kathmandu University, Seminar. Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal, 3 September 2015. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative and potential areas for collaboration with KU”

  • Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) Headquarters, Brownbag Seminar. Stockholm, Sweden, 6 February 2015. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative: An Update to Sida”

  • International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Presentation to the midterm reviewers. Khumaltar, Nepal, 26 January 2015. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative: Achievements, Challenges & Roadmap Ahead”

  • Indian Institute of Science, Seminar. Bangalore, India, 25 November 2014. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative: An Overview”

  • Space Physics Laboratory, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Invited Seminar. Trivandrum, India, 24 November 2014. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative: An Overview”

  • University of Virginia, Department of Environmental Sciences, Departmental Seminar.Charlottesville, VA, USA, 29 August 2014. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative: Atmospheric Research, Policy and Pollution Mitigation in the Himalaya.”

  • National Institute of Meteorological Research, Korea Meteorological Administration, Invited Presentation, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea, 25 July 2014. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative, An

  • University of Tokyo, ABC-SLCP Symposium, Presentation. Tokyo, Japan, 21 July 2014. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative: An Overview”

  • Government of Nepal, Department of Environment. Guest Presentation. Lalitpur, Nepal, 20 March 2014. “Imagining Nepal’s Future Air Pollution Monitoring Network”

  • ICIMOD Atmosphere Initiative Planning and Partnership Retreat. Presentation. Pokhara, Nepal, 2 February 2014. “ICIMOD’s Atmosphere Initiative”

  • Government of Nepal, Office of the Prime Minister. Presentation to the Chief Secretary. Kathmandu, Nepal, 6 December 2013. “Proposal for an Atmospheric Observatory at Ichhyakamana, Chitwan, Nepal”

  • Ministry of Education, Government of Rwanda, Presentation, Kigali, Rwanda, 29 January, 2013.“Opportunities Beyond Karisimbi: 5th Report to the High Level Team for the Climate Observatory Project.”

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presentation, Oslo, Norway, 13 February 2013, “Building up the Atmosphere Initiative at ICIMOD: Black carbon and other short-lived climate pollutants”

  • National Environment Commission, Presentation, Thimphu, Bhutan, 18 November, 2012. “Proposal for an atmospheric observatory in Bhutan focusing on black carbon and other short lived climate forcers”

  • Ministry of Education, Government of Rwanda, Presentation, Kigali, Rwanda, 23 April, 2012. “Proposal for Broadening Karisimbi Observatory Project.”

  • International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Inception Workshop Presentation, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1 April, 2012. “From Commitment to Action: Designing ICIMOD’s new Programme.”

  • International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Inception Workshop Inauguration Address Kathmandu, Nepal, 1 April 2012. “Atmospheric Science and Policy: Towards a new regional programme at ICIMOD”

  • Ministry of Education, Government of Rwanda, Presentation, Kigali, Rwanda, 24 January 2012. “Climate Observatory and Karisimbi Cable Car Updates.”

  • International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Invited presentation, Kathmandu, Nepal, 14 December 2011. “Reducing impacts of black carbon and other short lived climate forcers: Envisioning the new program in atmospheric science and policy at ICIMOD”

  • India-ICIMOD Day, India Habitat Centre, Invited Speaker, New Delhi, India, 30 September 2011. “Atmospheric Changes in the HKH Region: Role of a Regional Organization like ICIMOD.”

  • Ministry of Education, Government of Rwanda, Presentation, Kigali, Rwanda, 17 June 2011. “Rwanda Climate Observatory: Updates & Issues June 2011.”

  • Atmospheric Brown Cloud Science Team Meeting, Presentation, Kathmandu, Nepal, 24 March 2011. “New observatories and aircraft soundings in the Annapurna Himalaya”

  • UNEP Regional Center for Asia Pacific, Invited Presentation at the Atmospheric Brown Cloud Observatory Group Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 7 July 2009, “Central Nepal Climate Observatory: A Proposal.”

  • Atmospheric Brown Cloud Workshop & Science Team Meeting, Kathmandu Nepal, 4 December 2008, “Proposed new ABC observatories in the central Himalaya.”

  • Youth Environmental Summit, Evening presentation, Braunwald, Switzerland, August 2001: “Towards A New International University in Nepal.”

Relevant Short Courses Attended

  • Negotiation and Leadership (Law School, 2019)
  • Leadership (ICIMOD, 2018)
  • Project Cycle Management (MDF South Asia / ICIMOD, 2012)